Early Pestalozzi Images: The Oaklands estate

An aerial view of Oaklands and the Manor House. The local village of Sedlescombe can be seen in the background.
(Photograph by Alfred Lammer1)


The front entrance of the Manor House – the main building in our new home.
(the “well” feature in the middle of the car park was later removed).
(Photographer unknown)
A view of the Manor House from the rose garden. The six garden beds were each planted with nine “Peace” rose bushes. Looking out from the Manor House, across the rose garden, the view was of spacious field and woodland. A truly serene place! The sundial in the foreground had five gnomons on its plate for different places around the world.
(Photographer unknown)

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  1. An article placed in the Swiss Observer dated 11th July 1958 indicates that Alfred Lammer took and donated this aerial image. ↩︎


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