A view of the Manor House from the rose garden.

The Manor House rose garden

The Manor House Rose Garden

To the eastern side of the Manor House was a beautiful and tranquil rose garden, filled with Peace roses (rosa ‘Madame A. Meilland’). We do not know the story behind this garden (nor how long it had been established) but recall a suggestion that it may have been provided as some sort of memorial – however, we can’t confirm this.

Helping the groundsman to maintain the rose garden.
Helping the groundsman to maintain the rose garden.

Planted in six beds – with nine plants in each bed – the garden was tenderly maintained (with some help from the children) by the Village’s resident gardener, Ken Harmer.

In the foreground (just visible in this picture) stood a grand sundial with with five gnomons. To a small child, this was an amazing device – particularly that it could reveal the time in so many different locations!

Sadly, in 1980, a visit revealed that the garden had been completely dug up. Fortuately, the sundial was rescued and has since been relocated to stand proudly outside Sainsbury House (originally, our “International House”) – the site of the current Pestalozzi International Village Trust offices.

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Finding The Forgotten Story