Utility Buildings

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Various existing buildings on the Oaklands estate were made use of to accommodate essential activities. Here’s a little information about them.


Located some distance away, to the north of the Walled Garden, one small but substantial old farm building was used as the laundry and run by a local lady, Mrs Jolly. When it first operated, we do recall that it contained coppers and mangles.

Sadly, we have no idea what became of Mrs Jolly (or the others who helped her?) – but she undoubtedly played a vital part in our lives!

If you have any information about Mrs Jolly – please do email us!

Manor House Outbuildings

Just outside the Manor House’s dining room was a small courtyard, enclosed by two outbuildings which varied their uses over time:

  • Accommodation for pet hampsters
  • A chemistry laboratory for a budding 11 year old scientist
  • The clothing store which was managed by Mrs Thomas
  • Several other equally vital uses – which we can’t quite recall!

If you have recollections of these buildings, do get in touch!

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