Later Care Staff

Numerous  people came as care staff at the Village during the time of the early Pestalozzi Children. Some survive to this day but most are long deceased.

Many of these people had a positive and significant effect on the children. We know today that many of them were profoundly affected by their experience at Pestalozzi and retain an enduring affection for the children they worked with.

With the passage of time, some of them have been forgotten – but each of them contribute an element of our story. We want to gather material about their times at the Village: photographs, personal or official documents and the recollections of their surviving families. Once again, this will help us develop the picture of what our life at Pestalozzi was like.

Below is a list of staff names that we recall but about whom we now know little – it is far from complete and some of the details may be inaccurate (it’s been a long time)! Please help us with this list: missing names; corrections; their subsequent lives; photos or any material of relevant interest will be most gratefully accepted.

Michael & Rosemary Clover (Deputy Warden in 1962)

Mr & Mrs Daniels (Houseparents, Manor House – as Polish House)

Mrs Draper (Housemother)

Gaby Goulding (Assistant Housemother, Cedarwood House)

Anna Gross (Assistant Housemother in Manor House)

Peter Hargreaves

John & Mrs Howie (Housefather, Manor House)

Barbara Lloyd

John & Angela Morton

Bill & Berit Mountain (Housefather, North House. Post 1966 became the Village’s Director of Studies)

Ann Mulvey (Assistant housemother)

Tony Ramsay (Assistant housefather)

Hugh (“Sandy”) Sandford (Assistant Housefather in the Manor House 1962)

Mrs Schenke (Housemother in South House)

Peter Scott (Assistant Housefather)

Colin & Margaret Willis (Houseparents in South House)

Daphne (Housemother in North House – approx. 1963)

Denise (Housemother, Manor House, approx. 1964?)

Leslie (Scottish Housemother with a young son, Manor House, approx. 1962/63)

Nicola (Assistant Housemother in North House)

Do any of these names ring a bell?   Let us know !

Are there any glaring mistakes?  Help us correct them !

Who do you know that we’ve missed? Tell us who!

Finding The Forgotten Story