Other Staff

There were many staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to see that the estate was well managed and that the operation flowed smoothly. Our conversations today make us aware that there were people who worked on the Oaklands estate who we just can’t remember clearly.

We sadly don’t remember everybody who was there – but if you remember someone we’ve forgotten, we’d really love to hear from you. We really want to remember! Get in touch here.

We have almost no photos of any of these important people who were an integral part of our lives. Can you help? – again, send us an email.

  • Ted Thomas – the Village’s maintenance engineer
  • Mrs Thomas (Ted’s wife) – organised the clothing store
  • Mrs Jolly – laundress
  • Ken Harmer – gardener and groundsman
  • Geoff Harmer (Ken’s brother) –  farmer who rented the Oaklands fields
  • Cynthia Woodhams (office worker)
  • Penny Wickens (Warden’s secretary)
  • Owen Brunger (gardener)
  • George Brown (gardener)

We intend to add links to these names to record what we remember about them and their duties.  It’s on our list of To-Do’s!  Of course, if you can help with some memories and photos, we’d love to hear from you – do get in touch


Finding The Forgotten Story