Patrons & Council Members

Many notable and influential people were inspired to support the Pestalozzi charity.  It is clear that the idea of this community fired their imagination.

The people listed, below, helped ensure that the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Sedlescombe became a reality. Dates are taken from old Pestalozzi documents (e.g. letterheads, annual reports and newsletters) indicating when appointments were active. Many of the appointees also occupied their positions either before or beyond the dates shown.

Supporters identified as “patrons” were, by 1959, retitled as “vice presidents”.

The list is incomplete and more names will be added as they are discovered.

Links will be added to other sites that provide biographical information. We are adding dedicated pages for individual names as we discover more about their involvement and contributions.

Names with a dedicated biographical page display a ladybird icon – click on the ladybird to see their page.

Do you know more about any of these people? If you can provide or direct us to further information about their Pestalozzi activities, we’ll be able to present a more vivid picture of how our community’s story inspired this enthusiastic support. Let us know!

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Dr H.J. Alexander Ph.D., LL.D.,, H.C. Founder and Chairman (plus other titles)   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

A.E. Appelbe, Esq., M.A., LL.B. Honorary Solicitor to the Association 1950 & 1952  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Benjamin Britten, C.H. Patron 1950 & 1952, Vice President 1959, 1960 & 1963   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Justin Brooke   Finance Committee 1960  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Miss Joyce Brown, B.A   Council Member 1950   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150
(secretary to Halley Stewart Trust and Sir Richard Stapely Trust)

Mrs Mary Buchanan Founder and Hon. Gen. Secretary (plus other titles)   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

S.F. Burkitt, Esq, F.S.A.A.  Hon Treasurer 1950 & 1952   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Professor Sir Cyril Burt  Patron 1952 Vice President 1959, 1960 & 1963  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, D.B.E., M.A., J.P. Patron 1950  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Dr C.J. Carey Council Member 1950   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150
(specialist in paediatrics and child psychiatry)

The Rev. Henry Carter, C.B.E.  Patron 1950   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

George Chambers  Secretary to the Trust 1963

John Cherry C.B.E.  Hon. Solicitor 1960

The Bishop of Chichester
Vice President 1960 & 1963   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150
(The Rt. Rev.Roger Wilson)

Miss Millicent L. Coleman
Council Member 1950, 1959 & 1960   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150
(Vocational and educational psychologist to the National Children’s Home)

The Viscountess Davidson, D.B.E. Vice President 1960 & 1963

Lady Duckham  Patron 1950 & 1952

Mrs A. Eaves  Council Member 1950
(Northbridge House School, London)

 The Lord Stopford of Fallowfield, K.B.E., F.R.S., F.R.C.P.  Vice President 1960   ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

R.W.B Fraser  Works Committee 1960

Mrs K. Freeman Council Member 1950
Member of Central Executive, “Save the Children Fund”)

Mrs Fulton  Council Member 1963

E. Gibbins  Works Committee 1960

Sir Philip Gibbs, K.B.E. Patron 1950 & 1952, Vice President 1960

J.J. Graydon  Finance Committee 1960

The Rt. Hon. Lord Mackintosh of Halifax, D.L., J.P., LL.D.
Patron 1950 & 1952

The Earl of Harewood Patron 1952, Vice President 1959 & 1960

Sir Basil Henriques, C.B.E. Patron 1950 & 1952, Vice President 1959 & 1960

Miss K. Henshaw  Council Member 1950
Headmistress of Beckenham County Grammar School for Girls)

Dr S.W. Hinds Council Member 1963

Sir Julian Huxley, F.R.S. Patron 1950 & 1952, Vice President 1960 & 1963

Mr Jean Inebnit Council Member 1950
Lecturer at Leeds University and Hon. Secretary (British branch) International Voluntary Service for Peace)

Dr. C. Jolles, Ph.D., M.A. Council Member 1950
Second mistress at Watford Grammar School for Girls)

Professor Joseph A. Laurwerys Council Member 1950, Vice President 1960 & 1963
(Institute of Education, University of London and Deputy Chairman of the International New Education Fellowship)

Miss K.M. Leake, B.Sc. Council Member 1950
(formerly senior physics Mistress at Wimbledon County Grammar School)

The Earl of Listowel, P.C., G.C.M.G.  Patron 1952, Vice President 1960 & 1963

Alister G. MacDonald, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., F.R.I.A.S. Council   Member 1950
(Chairman of Building Advisory Committee, Nursery School Association)

Vernon Mallinson, M.A. Council Member 1959 & 1960
(Lecturer, University of Reading)

Derek McCulloch, Esq., O.B.E. Patron 1950 & 1952
(BBC’s “Uncle Mac”)

The Very Rev. W.R. Matthews, K.C.V.O., D.D., D.Litt.  Patron
1950 & 1952

(Dean of St. Pauls)

J.E. Morpurgo, B.A., Litt. D. Council Member 1959 & 1960, Chairman of Council 1963  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150
(Director of The National Book League)

Mrs R. Niyogi Council Member 1950
(student of Social Science, London School of Economics)

Miss C.A. Pratt, BSc. Council Member 1950, 1959 & 1960
(District Educational Officer, Middlesex County Council)

G.S. Rees Works Committee 1960

Miss L.M. Rendell Council Member 1963

Paul Roberts, M.A. Council Member 1959 & 1960
(former Headmaster, Frensham Heights School)

Mrs Paul Roberts Council Member 1959 &1960

Mrs D.M. Rosling  Council Member 1963

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Sainsbury  President 1963

Miss Gladys Sandes, F.R.C.S. Vice President 1960 & 1963

The Rev. W.W. Simpson M.A. Council Member 1950, 1959, 1960 & 1963
(General Secretary, The Council of Council of Christians and Jews)

Miss Clare Soaper Council Member 1950
(General Secretary of the International New Education Fellowship)

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Southwark Vice President 1963
(The Rt. Rev. Cyril Cowderoy)

Stephen Spender Patron 1952, Vice President 1959, 1960 & 1963  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Rt. Rev. Robert Stopford  Vice President 1959, 1960 & 1963
(Bishop of Peterborough & Bishop of London)

Dame Sybil Thorndyke, D.B.E., LL.D. Patron 1950 & 1952, Vice President 1959, 1960 & 1963  ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150

Ronald Unger, Esq. Council Member 1950
Lecturer in social studies, Further Education Centre, St Albans)

The Earl of Verulam  Honorary Treasurer 1959 & 1960
(Chairman of Enfield Cables Ltd)

Dr. W. Viola  Council Member 1950
(Lecturer on child art)

F.J. Walesby  Council Member & Acting Hon. Treasurer 1960
(Bursar, Bedales School)

O.L. Williams  Hon. Treasurer 1963

Prebendary Edward H. Williams-Ashman, M.A. Council Member 1950
(Vicar Holy Trinity, Kingsway with St. John the Evangelist Drury Lane, and Leader of the King’s Chapel of the Savoy)

Miss P.N. Wilshere, M.A.  Council Member 1959 & 1960
(Lecturer in psychology Institute of Education, London University)

Sir John Wolfenden, C.B.E.  President 1958, 1960 & 1963

D.J.C. Wood A.C.A.  Secretary to the Trust 1960

If you know of others who served on the Organisation’s committees, from the creation of the British Pestalozzi Children’s Village Association, until the late 1960s, please contact us !

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