Vocational & educational psychologist to the National Children’s Home

Millicent Lucy Coleman is recorded as Council member of the British Pestalozzi Children’s Village Association in 1950 and the Pestalozzi Children’s Village Trust in 1961. So far we cannot tell when she ceased working with the Trust but she is not mentioned as a member of the Council in late 1963.

Coleman’s specific contribution to the charity remains undiscovered at this time.

ladybird-smaller-4cm-150x150We are keen to discover any documents, articles or images that will reveal more about Millicent Colemans contribution to the Pestalozzi Children’s Village

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Biographical source:
London University: King’s College Archives. GB 0100 KCLCA K/PP88. COLEMAN, Millicent Lucy (1910-1990). May 2002. Retrieved 16 September 2015.  From: http://www.aim25.ac.uk/cgi-bin/vcdf/detail?coll_id=6155&inst_id=6

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