Reference Material – FILM/TV

We have tracked down a small number of accessible video recordings which provide a peek into the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Video iconSedlescombe during the first few years of its existence.

If you are aware of other audio or video material related to our story, please   contact us!

British Pathé News Clip, 1962

1m (starts 18 seconds into the clip) black & white

Santa Claus flies himself in to the Pestalozzi Children’s Village by helicopter in December 1962, landing on the lawn behind the Manor House.

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British Pathé News Clip, 1963

1m 15s black & white

A brief look at the Tibetan refugees in northern India and the arrival of a group at the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Sedlescombe, East Sussex.

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British Pathé News Clip, 1963

3m 12s colour

Glimpses at the life of the Tibetan children and their staff at the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Sedlescombe (Some of this material appears to be the same as the previous B&W item). Finishes with some Tibetan children observing a display of folk dancing by the Polish children in the Pestalozzi community.

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Other material not fully linked within this page

Thanks to the untiring efforts of one of our contributors – ex Pestalozzi volunteer, supporter and speaker, Greg Hopkins – and the generosity of the copyright owners, former Pestalozzi children who featured in these television reports have been able to access a copy of these programs for their personal record.

“Panorama” (BBC TV)

Transmitted 18 December 1961

An episode of the highly regarded BBC news program which included a feature on the Pestalozzi village at Sedlescombe in East Sussex. The renowned Richard Dimbleby visited the village, discovering the Pestalozzi staff and children as they prepared for their Christmas production.

Richard Dimbleby’s visit had a significant impact on one of the children. Dimbleby was so impressed with the artistic skills of a young Russian boy, Vladymir, that he presented him with a set of oil paints as a gift. This left a lasting impression on Vladymir, who subsequently went on to develop a successful career as an industrial designer, eventually settling in USA.

“Roving Report” (ITN)

Transmitted 18 December 1962

A visit by the ITN TV reporter and newscaster, Andrew Gardner to the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Sedlescombe. This program is of aditional interest to us as it was recorded during a time of change in the management of the community.

A silent (and less satisfying) version of this program can be found in the ITN archive commercial website, via the following link, below. It is broken up into eleven segments and does not readily lend itself to viewing continuity. However, it remains and important link to our past.

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