Pestalozzi 2019 – 60 years in Sedlescombe!

It’s almost time for a celebration!

On Saturday, 15thAugust, 1959, the first child arrived at the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Sedlescombe, East Sussex. 2019 will be the sixtieth anniversary of that event – the beginning of a Pestalozzi presence in the UK.

As a result, this small beginning has spread across the world, sending its wards to numerous nations around the world. Additionally, spin-off Pestalozzi communities are gradually developing in more countries, giving previously unimagined opportunities to very bright children living without the hope of qualification or any academic future.

The Early Pestalozzi Children Project is in discussions with the Pestalozzi International Village Trust to encourage celebration at Sedlescombe, in June 2019, of the nearly sixty years since this moment.  Our plan is to engage as many as possible of all the former Pestalozzi children and students – who either lived at Sedlescombe or with one of the other associated organisations.

A celebration across the world

We also realise that many of the hundreds of our ex-Pests around the world will be unable to make it to the UK.  We want you to celebrate too! We’d love everyone to salute their memories of a unique period in their lives.

Can you organise or support a Pestalozzi gathering in your country – or in your local area, town or village – next year? We’d love to know that you will be able to get together! It doesn’t have to be elaborate! Just people gathering, remembering and celebrating.

Share with those visiting Sedlescombe!

We also want to share your local event at Sedlescombe when we meet here. Think about sending us a short video clip or some photos – along with some memories of what made Pestalozzi special. Let us know what you’re doing now! We want everyone to be involved – wherever you are. If the time is right, we could even have a video link-up!

Are you on your own, somewhere in the world?  No way of linking up with other ex-Pests?  No worries – around the planned time, just send us a photo and message or short video of you celebrating what Pestalozzi has meant to you.  We will see that your contribution is included!

It doesn’t matter if you were at Pestalozzi in care or as an academic student. If you are ex-Pestalozzi Children’s Village, ex- PIVT, ex-Pestalozzi World – or any of the organisations with a link to our home in Sedlescombe, then let us know. We want you to have the chance to acknowledge your appreciation for the community that you lived in.  If you are currently living in one of these Pestalozzi communities, you are every bit as welcome!

As you may know, Pestalozzi will cease its presence in Sedlescombe after the current academic year (2018/2019).  This is an utterly sad moment for us – but it must not stop celebration of the positive memories of worthwhile opportunities and the friendships made.

Keep in touch!

We will let you know more of the plans as they develop. Do let us know what you think – and how you might be involved.

Finally, if you are an ex-staff member or supporter, we’re keen to hear from you, too. People who have worked with us or have supported us are important as well. Your memories will an important  element in remembering our story.

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