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Welcome to our upgraded website !!

We’re very excited to present our revised Project website – you will find there is much more information, telling our story, which is sorted into logical sections.  It’s also a cleaner, crisper style –  we hope you find it easy to read.

We are indebted to the generous contribution of Penny Jones of Outerbridge Ltd (outerbridge.co.uk), a specialist WordPress website developer who has given her time (and patience!) to help us create our new presence.

As much as there is already a lot more on display here than before, there is still a lot more to be included – and there is still far more to be recovered.  We will keep you informed of our discoveries and also how the promotion of this project is going.  Read the other posts here to see what’s already happening! Keep coming back to see what’s been added.

Each page you read here may well remind you of some information you have: a story you recall or a photograph you possess.  Please do use the contact links to let us know of your potentially valuable contribution.

And, finally, do let us know what you think: about this website; about the project; about the results.

If you can help us at all, contact us via this link !